Christianity & Illuminati

I remember going through my regular post-church service routine one Sunday afternoon, *Eat* *Nap* *Eat again* *Sleep some more* You know, the norm! Unfortunately, my youth leader at the time decided to change my plans that Sunday. Instead of going through the motions, he sat me down with a few of my other church friends. Walked […]

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An Alcoholic & His Lover…

  There once lived a young man by name of Jacob Stanley, who had a promising future in the music industry. Mr.S they called him. At the age of 21, he had already won four Grammy awards and consistently climbed his way through Billboard charts early in his career. As time went on, he continued […]

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When God becomes “Boring”

I want to begin this post with an apology. If my previous blog posts have in any way caused you to think I am a “know it all” or “holier than thou” Christian who is always excited in the faith…I am genuinely sorry. There were several moments in my faith journey when I felt envious […]

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Can Christians Drink Alcohol?

This is a widely discussed and controversial topic among Christians, so I will try to be very careful by tackling two specific questions. Is drinking alcohol sinful? Should Christians be drinking alcohol? You’ll understand why I ask the 2nd question as you continue reading. There are a variety of verses in the bible (especially in […]

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Show No Mercy To Your Flesh

Dear Apologetic Christian You are not a natural person. Let me try to describe this to you. As Christians, once we’ve come to believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are justified before God (Galatians 2:16) and receive the promised Holy Spirit (Galatians 3:14). The same Spirit that existed since the creation […]

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Kill Em with Kindness

I felt a strange obligation to write an end of year blog post before 2017, so here it goes. In the middle of my shower Tuesday afternoon, I found myself reflecting on several of the events which occurred throughout the year. Despite all the complaints many have shared concerning 2016, I am overall grateful for […]

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Honouring God through School

How do we make the connection between God and our education. In other words, how do we glorify God through our studies (school)? This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time. Some people may argue that the only means by which you can truly glorify God through education is studying the word of […]

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Love > Pride

“At-least I’m holier than him” “At-least God knows me” “Thank God I’m going to heaven, too bad for him/ her” These were statements I mentioned far too often in the early stages of my faith. I was never thinking about others, but always about myself and how much more I thought I knew about God […]

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Stop Living for Tomorrow

The greatest mystery in our current society is finding genuine contentment in our present situations. Now what do I mean by that. During high school, we are dying to graduate and/or go to college/ university During college/university we are dying to graduate and find a job After we find a job, we are dying to […]

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