Have I sinned beyond Salvation?

“Nine hundred and ninety-nine trillion – nine- hundred and ninety-nine billion – nine hundred and ninety-nine million – nine- hundred and ninety-nine thousand – nine- hundred and ninety-nine …ok, one more sin and I hit the quadrillion mark…then God will never want anything to do with me” Alright, so clearly (or hopefully) many of us […]

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Christianity & Materialism

Is it okay to be selfish….at all?

I’m not talking necessities like chicken, water, sleep, etc.

But like what if I just wanted to buy Beats by Dr. Dre, just cause?…

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When we sin Against God

Have you ever had those moments where your relationship with God is so solid? When you’ve made the effort to actually spend quiet time with him. You’ve enjoyed reading His word, praying and loving your neighbours. Your ability to forgive your enemies is superb. You go to church and serve God and his people from […]

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