A Very Terrifying Experience

I was 17,


Deleting all the songs from my Samsung Corby Pro & iPod. Terrified of what I was doing.

I had yet to realize the journey I was about to begin…

Those of you who know me understand my passion for music. And if you don’t know me, let it make it perfectly clear.


To put things into perspective, my love for music surpasses my love for basketball.

And I love basketball this much …facebook.com/basketballvideo

So the hardest thing for me throughout my early walk with Christ was finding the right type of music to listen to. This was a very difficult and humbling process for 2 reasons.

  1. Christian music was corny
  2. “Secular” music was amazing, but it made me feel uncomfortable

What was so uncomfortable about it?

Imagine this scenario:

You have two bible believing parents. One day, you’re watching an R- rated movie, and an un-expected graphic sex scene decides to present itself the moment your parents enter the living room.

Slowly, you reach for the remote attempting to change the channel or better yet pretend as if you’re asleep. Why?

Because it’s just an awkward situation. The very thing that you’re watching is contradicting to their beliefs concerning sexual purity.

In the same way, whenever I listened to music which (for the most part) explicitly spoke about getting drunk, hooking up with girls, making fast money, cheating, etc, I felt uncomfortable knowing very well that God was opposed to almost everything that I was listening to. Once I came to this realization it didn’t matter how catchy, creative or amazing the production of a song was.

It no longer appealed to me the way it used to.

It’s almost like driving home with your husband/wife from work, having been married for 2 months, whiles singing a rap song in your car with the following lyrics:

I love cheating on my boo, I do it errday,

I do it cuz I like it, don’t matter what you say

I am almost convinced that you will experience an awkward car ride, if not an awkward night as a whole.

Obviously this is an exaggerated example, but you get the idea.

So I had finally decided to download some Christian music, and give this thing a try.

Throughout the first few months of my transition, I was literally crying through my ears because of how corny the music was. This is not to knock any Christian artists down, but the majority of the songs were just not my cup of tea.

But I fought so hard to find good music (music that encouraged my faith & matched my style of musicality) that my preference of genre broadened. I used to only like RnB & Hip Hop, but this transition made me open to Country, Hard Rock, Electronica, etc.

Five years of many sleepless downloading nights later and I do not regret my decision whatsoever. Once I found a handful of artists that consistently spoke truth and matched my style of music, the rest was history.

Now I want to be perfectly clear here. I am not saying that listening to secular music is sinful. The bible never distinctively says “Thou shall not listen to Taylor Swift”. As a matter of fact,  I would be a liar if I told you that I only watch Christian movies and only wear t-shirts that say “Jesus Loves You”.

However, I would also be a liar if I told you that things like music, television, movies, etc have little to no effect towards my thoughts and consciousness. Things which we choose to watch and listen to will affect our thoughts, whether we believe it or not. The bible tells us in Romans 12:2 that we must not be conformed to the patterns of the world but be transformed by the renewal of our mind. I can personally testify that my music choice has definitely changed me for the better, specifically for the edification of my mind. Having control over the things which enter your mind is a satisfying and rewarding gift of its own.

To be honest, this post is my best attempt to convince Christians (or anyone else for that matter) to at-least consider listening to a couple of Christian songs before deeming them all “corny”

Not sure where to start?

Click here to check out my music page for various playlists in different genres.

Judge for yourselves whether or not you can  “bump these tracks” on a regular basis 😉



Soli Deo Gloria


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