Note to Self

When did you get so comfortable?

When did you convince yourself that you have no more room to grow?

Honestly though.

Why do you compare yourself to other people, making yourself feel prideful because of all the “Godly things” you do in comparison.

God is not impressed with what you do, he cares where your heart is.

Would you stand alone in the faith if you were the only Christian left standing?

Stop looking at other people and start looking at Jesus Christ. I promise, you will ALWAYS be humbled.

Because before his presence you are absolutely pitiful, worthless, disgusting and deserving of every cruel punishment offered by his wrath. And he WILL be glorified in seeing you crumble. You are so contrasted with his holiness and perfection that it will grip you with fear.

BUT when you recognize this and he still tells you he loves you, and wants to produce a good fruit in you…what more do you need to convince you to take your faith more seriously.

I don’t think you understand how privileged you are because of Christ and his sacrifice

I don’t even think you understand how privileged you are to be living in place where you freely have the opportunity to practice your faith.

There are kids all over the world who will do anything to fight for the freedom you have.

Yet you take it for granted.

There are kids who will cherish every written word in the Bible.

Yet here you are, spending 10-15 minutes with God every day, patting yourself in the back.

People are being killed for the sake of Christ, while you are comfortable and protected in your own bedroom, blogging.

When did you believe the lie that everyone has to go through a “rebellion phase” before they get serious with God?

What did Paul tell Timothy?

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity” – Timothy 4:12

You are convinced that you are the doing your absolute best in serving God, because of what some people are saying. For this reason you don’t feel the need to grow deeper in your faith.


Do you honestly believe that one day, when you’re 35 yrs old you’re simultaneously going to grow into this “full grown mature” Christian without putting in the  work in your 20s. Are you convinced that your kids will simultaneously grow up as Christians because you live in a Christian family? Do you even care whether or not your kids will be saved?


Here’s what I’m telling you to do,

Get weird.

Get weird with God. Begin to treat him as an actual person instead of an inconsistent hobby.

Spend time with and get lost in his presence.

Read the bible, recite it, study it, memorize it and do what is says.

Stop reading it just to “check it off” on your list of daily chores.

Be humble in how you walk as a Christian. Be aware of every mature and immature believer around you.

You are no greater than the filthiest, most evil minded human being in this world.

Do not walk in false humility, and stay quiet about your faith.

Stop telling yourself that “your life will convince others to believe in Christ”.

Man up and begin to actually speak about your faith. Go door to door and preach about the good news.

Stop making fun of the “crazy people” who take their faith seriously. Become “crazy” yourself.

Every believer, who was killed for their faith fought the good fight.

Please don’t let their lives go in vain. Do you part and obey the word of God out of love.

Stop telling yourself God is not loving.

Stop telling yourself God cannot love you because of all the wrong you have done, and all the wrong you are struggling with.

Philippians 1:6 tells us that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Rest on this promise.

Lastly, fight for the joy in Christianity and stop making it a chore. There is no greater contentment then God himself.

True joy comes from God himself, not your performance. Spend your energy remaining in the vine, that is Jesus Christ , and trust that he will produce every good fruit in you.


Soli Deo Gloria





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